Software Tester Wanted


PHP Developer Wanted


We are looking for a top-notch PHP Engineer.

Got mad skill? Join our wicked team of coders. Decipher the code below and get in touch.

You have very good PHP skills  == true &&
Good PostgreSQL and MySQL skills == true &&
Familiarity with JSON, XML, SOAP == true &&
Can use SVN == true &&
Web service building experience == true &&
Can do Joomla and Drupal == maybe &&
Can do Linux and Apache == maybe )


(You can also check out our ad in Estonian)

PHP arendaja // PHP developer

Java Developer Wanted


Computer programming will soon reach all Estonian schoolchildren


“Estonian Tiger Leap Foundation in September 2012 launched a program called “ProgeTiiger”, in the framework of which Estonian students in grades 1 to 12 will be introduced computer programming and creating web and mobile applications.” (Continue reading

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