Ilves proposes Nordic e-cooperation


Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves proposed in his speech at the CyberStrat conference that Estonia and other Nordic states would benefit from harmonising their e-services. From Estonian experience Ilves suggested that using digital signature and digital medical prescriptions across borders would be especially beneficial for all participants. (Read more via BalticCourse)

Red Hat Tech Forum in Tallinn


On January 14th Red Hat invites you to its Baltics Tech Forum in Tallinn. The seminar is a technology focused event targeted to everyone interested in Red Hat products and technologies and on ways how to build more cost-effective IT-systems.

Red Hat Tech Forum is a free event, but registration is mandatory so please register below:

Happy New Year!


We wish all the best and great success to our partners and clients!

Smartlink met with Namibian ICT officials


A delegation of Smartlink met with the members of the ICT committee of the Namibian Parliament. The Estonian approach to implementing a nation-wide digital ID-card, and our company’s experience in creating various IT-solutions in Estonia and South-Africa were discussed.

U.S. Ranks Second in Internet Freedom, Behind Estonia


Estonia did it again, according to the Freedom House

(Read the full report “Freedom on the Net 2012“)

Software Tester Wanted


PHP Developer Wanted


We are looking for a top-notch PHP Engineer.

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(You can also check out our ad in Estonian)

PHP arendaja // PHP developer

Java Developer Wanted


Computer programming will soon reach all Estonian schoolchildren


“Estonian Tiger Leap Foundation in September 2012 launched a program called “ProgeTiiger”, in the framework of which Estonian students in grades 1 to 12 will be introduced computer programming and creating web and mobile applications.” (Continue reading

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